• "My previous experience with Chiropractors wasnt the best. They had told me that I needed to stop everything and I would never be able again. I had suffered from lower back pain, spasms, and a bulging disk for about 5 years. This limited any physical activity as the pain increased on a daily basis. Dr. Moin and his staff have given me proper exercise routines and adjustments I needed. Since then I have been able to do most activities within reason. Thanks to the excellent care Ive received I have had greater social participations because, there is no more pain when I keep up with my daily activities. Dr. Moin and his staff are Good People!"
    - Jason J.
  • "I had Chiropractic care during my pregnancy with my second child. I was coming previously and was encouraged to continue through my pregnancy. I believe it made me stronger physically and made it easier to get around and off the floor being pregnant. I have less pain than before chiropractic, I also feel a lot stronger. Since I planned, and was successful at having a home birth, I believe chiropractic made my body strong enough to succeed. Everyone here is very nice and supportive. I am thankful for the care I have received at Midwest Physical Medicine and Rehab."
    - Christine D.
  • "The reason I began Chiropractic care was due to a knee injury. I was experiencing these problems for about 3 weeks prior to my first visit. I was not able to sleep without medication, I was afraid to use the stairs, and I was unable to perform daily tasks without pain. I have never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Moin, however; my family members had great success with him and so have I! Since Ive been seeing Dr. Moin the progress Ive made with my knee has been outstanding! No more medication, comfortably completing my daily tasks and Im not afraid of going down the stairs anymore. I finally feel back to my old self again, still a bit cautious, but confident! Great staff! Great Experience!"
    - Karen K.

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